(2) Chemoprevention activity

Cancer remains a vicious incurable disease, which hasn't been conquered yet. According to recent studies, cancer has been found to occur through various steps. By means of animal experiment, sun ginseng has been known to have very strong activities in blocking the promotion stage of the cancer occurring process. As you can see from the diagram below, some of the test-animals, which were fed carcinogenic substances (cancer inducing materials) such as DMBA and TPA, started to form cancer after 6 weeks. After 16 weeks, almost all the animals were diagnosed with cancer. However, the animals that were given Sun-ginseng, showed a significantly lower cancer occurring rate. In the group where cancer inducing materials and low-dose Sun ginseng was given simultaneously, the cancer occurrence rate decreased significantly and in the group where high dose sun ginseng was given, the cancer was almost non-existent.

      > Picture : Chemo prevention activity of the sun ginseng
      When cancer inducing agents such as DMBA+TPA are administered to test
      subjects, most of the subjects will contract cancer. However,
      the rate of contraction goes down significantly when Sun-ginseng is
      taken in conjunction with the cancer inducing agents

      Bibliography : Cancer Letters,vol.150, pp.41-48 (2000)
                     Dietary anticarcinogens and antimutagenes, pp. 274-278 (2000)

      > Diagram : Anticancer activity of the sun ginseng

» Cancer attack and sun ginseng
Cancer comes to us suddenly but in the actual fact, cancer occurs through various slow and deliberate steps.

» The seeds of cancer
Cancer generates when our normal body cells are attacked by the cancer inducing material and the genes of the cell are damaged. We call this a starting cell. Not all starting cells turn cancerous. A starting cell can be generated at any time even in healthy body. Fortunately most starting cells are destroyed by our body¡¯s self defense mechanism.

» The outbreak of cancer
Unfortunately, when starting cells flourish and grow, they become a pre-cancer cells. This growth process called promotion, which normally takes several decades. Unfortunately, it is hard to detect these pre-cancerous cells in the promotion stage. If the pre-cancerous cells progress further they turn into malignant tumor cells. At that point, it becomes less difficult to detect the cancer.

» 4 steps of anticancer activity of sun ginseng
Sun ginseng :

  • First, detoxicate cancer inducing agents,
  • Second, block the promotion process of cancer
  • Third, induce apoptosis in the cancer cell.
  • Fourth, enhances the anticancer treatment by reducing the anticancer agent¡¯s side effect
Through the 4 steps of anticancer activity, sun ginseng prevents cancer, prevents recurrence and the side effect of anticancer treatment and enhances the treatment efficiency of anticancer agent.