(3) Anticancer activity

Sun ginseng not only prevent cancer but also restraints the cancer cell from growing. In particular, the sun ginseng has been found to induce the programmed cell death of cancer cells (known as apoptosis). Such effect is due to the unigue ingredient of sun ginseng, ginsenoside Rg3, Rg5, Rk1, Rs3, and Rs4. The anticancer properties of the Sun ginseng are 10 times more powerful than the wild ginseng as shown in the diagram below.


       Diagram : Sun ginseng has far greater anticancer effect than wild ginseng.
         Specially, Sun ginseng is known to induce the apoptosis in the cancer cell.

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What is apoptosis activity ?
Sun ginseng prevents cancer cells from growing. In particular, Sun ginseng induces the cancer cells to self-destruct. The self-destruction of cancer cells, Apoptosis, occurs when the cancer cell arranges its surroundings and then suicides slowly. As apoptosis has little side effect, it is the most effective way to remove the cancer cells. The eccentric ingredient of sun ginseng, ginsenoside Rg3, Rg5, Rk1, Rs3, Rs4 has very strong apoptosis effects. And particularly the Rg5 and Rk1 showed very strong effects on cancerous cells