(6) Anti-platelet aggregation

If the platelet aggregates in the blood vessel and form a clot, the blood vessel will be blocked, causing circulatory problems and thus result in circulatory illnesses such as hardening of the arteries, cardiac infarction, heart attacks, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Especially when aggregated platelet blocks the brain blood vessel, devastating illness such as strokes or dementia may occur. One of the main ingredients of Sun ginseng, the ginsenoside Rg3 is the PAF antagonist (preventive agent of platelet aggregation) and has been found to have strong impact in the prevention and reduction of thrombosis (picture below). Therefore, Sun ginseng can be expected to aid in the prevention and reduction of various circulation illness such as strokes and dementia

      > Picture : The anti- platelet aggregation effect of Rg3, main ingredient of
                       Sun Ginseng

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