8. Effects of SG135 on tumor cell growth inhibition and life span prolongation

Research teams led by professors Seung Ki Lee, Jung-Il Park of Seoul National University, college of  pharmacy and Hyun Ok Yang of KIST(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) performed experiments using animal models testing changes in tumor cell size and life span while on combination therapy of SG135 and anti-cancer drug, and presented the results at international forensic toxicology symposium.

Anti-cancer drugs currently used for therapy manifest severe toxicity, and their use has many limitations. Clinically, the most frequently used anti-cancer drugs are cisplatin, taxol, etoposide, and etc., which destroy and alter not only cancer cells but also normal cells, and cause severe renal toxicity.


In this research using animal models, we explored the combined effects of administering SG135 along with currently used clinical drugs such as taxol, cisplatin, 5-FU(5-fluorouracil), doxorubicin, and etc., and results showed that SG135 has supplemental anti-cancer effect that is concentration dependent. Furthermore, when SG135 is administered along with cisplatin and etoposide during cancer therapy, equivalent effects can be attained with anti-cancer drug reduced to 1/5 its original amount.


Based on this research result, we are developing cancer therapeutic agents and supplemental drugs using SG135 that would maximize the therapeutic effects and minimize the side effects of the most frequently used anti-cancer drugs (cisplatin, taxol, etoposide).





When anti-cancer drug and SG135 are combined, tumor size is greatly reduced(45%) compared to the control group as shown in the above figure, and since administering only anti-cancer drug leads to 16% reduction of tumor size, combination therapy with SG135 proves to be much more effective. This is because SG135 has synergistic effects that boost the effects of anti-cancer drugs.


Moreover, with combined oral administration of Sun ginseng(SG) and anti-cancer drug to cancer inflicted animals, life span is greatly increased. (refer to the figure below)