10. Effect of SG135 on preventing and treating vascular diseases and diabetic retinop

2005 The Korean Society of Ginseng 30th anniversary autumn conference (2005.11.10)

Presented by Young-geun Kwon professor from Yonsei University, college of natural sciences, department of biochemistry


A vascular is an essential organ for the cell to maintain a healthy condition through supplying oxygen and disposing waste from all organs and tissues.

Vascular endothelium, consisting of lining membrane and contacting blood directly, is taking the most important role to control an vasculars function and maintain homeostasis.


This endothelium, adjusts vascular expansion, inhibition of thrombus and selective transit of metabolites of wall of vascular. It also controls blood flow, adhesion of blood platelets and white cell by expression of various cell wall proteins on surface of the cells.


The disorder of vascular is caused by numerous reasons and it might can cause  infection of the vasculars, Myocardial Infarction, Brain damage caused by lake of blood and Diabetic Retinopathy.

Consequently, material preventing damage of endothelium and increasing homeostasis of vascularss can be used prophylactically for the prevention of vascular disease.


Eyes have a retinal advanced nervous tissue consisting of vascular tissue and nerve tissue from the central nervous system that is part of the brain.


There are two typical retinopathy diseases, diabetic retinopathy and immature infant retinopathy, which can lead to adult and infant to blindness in sequence.  These two diseases eventually are main grounds of loss of optic through damage on a retina that relays to damage of endothelium and retina hemorrhage.

Sunginseng peculiar ingredients restore damage on an endothelium and retina therefore it is useful to prophylaxis and cure various vascular associated diseases and prevent blindness which is a complication of diabetic. (Patent Application, Title: Composition for preventing and treating the disease caused by vascular damage)