13. Anxiolytic effect of SG135

Drug dependence occurs when narcotics or drugs are abused, and when this is forced to a halt, withdrawal symptoms arise which complicate therapy, where ginseng is currently known to reduce such withdrawal symptoms. C-AMP pathway is especially known to play an important role in psychological dependence, and SG135 inhibits increase of C-AMP by acting on enzymes related to C-AMP pathway. This is an important result that suggests a fundamental cure to treat the urge to abuse drugs.

(Research result from professor Ki Wan Oh, Chungbuk University department of pharmacy)


According to our research teams recent experimental results, SG135 shows incomparably strong effects relative to preexisting ginseng components. Long term use of narcotics cause anxiety in addition to the above-mentioned side effects, and Sun ginsengs excellence in reducing anxiety symptoms compared to preexisting white ginseng or red ginseng has been proven. Particularly reduction of exercise capability, one of the problems in preexisting anxiolytic drugs, does not occur in case of Sun ginseng, and this has great advantages in that it can be safely used in athletes without any side effects and to reduce anxiety in students preparing for exams.


The international Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT) 43rd international meeting sponsored by National Institute of Scientific Investigation (Aug 29 ~ Sept.2nd, 2005 Seoul, Korea)