15. Research on SG135 and specific components of SG135s preventive and therapeutic effects on dementia

Research done by Columbia University about the therapeutic effects of SG135s specific components on dementia has been presented at 2006, Korean Society of Ginseng International Conference.

It has been discovered that specific components of SG135 have strong dementia treatment and prevention effects by selectively removing A beta Amyloid 42, a brain neurotoxin known to cause dementia. They announced that they succeeded, over dozens of experiments, in blocking the progression of dementia and acquiring a new treatment possibility through oral administration of SG135 to dementia induced animals.


Specific components that reduce A beta Amyloid 42 are Ginsenoside Rg3(20S), Ginsenoside Rg5, and Ginsenoside Rk1, which are the main components of SG135, out of which Gensenoside Rk1 had the strongest effect although all of them showed strong effect.


Although researchers are trying to find ways to reduce dementia inducing agent A beta Amyloid 40 through numerous experiments, no agent that selectively reduces A beta Amyloid 42 has been developed as yet. This is because side effect of reducing A beta Amyloid 40 that are beneficial to brain nerve cells occurs simultaneously.


However, a new research result on specific components of SG135 has now appeared that gives rise to a possibility of removing dementia inducing substances without any side effect by selectively reducing A beta Amyloid 42 that are toxic to brain cells and not causing any effect to the beneficial A beta Amyloid 40. (Columbia University of the United States that performed this research is one of the most advanced research organizations on dementia in the world.)


It is expected that drugs that treat and prevent dementia without side effects might be developed using these SG135 specific components in the future, which are currently not realized.


It is shown in the above figure that whereas general ginseng components have negligible effects on reducing the amount of A beta Amyloid 42, Ginsenoside Rg3(20S), Ginsenoside Rg5, Ginsenoside Rk1, that are specific components of Sun ginseng, show strong effects. Among them, the effect of Ginsenoside Rk1 is the strongest.




What is A beta Amyloid 42?


It is an established theory with pathological, biochemical, and neurological evidences that Alzheimers disease is caused by accumulation of A beta Amyloid. A beta Amyloid is made during cleavage of APP (Amyloid precursor protein) by beta and gamma secretase enzymes present in the cell membrane.

A beta 40 and A beta 42 are made from gamma secretase, where A beta 40 takes up most of the proportion but A beta 42 has toxicity that destroys nerve cells. A beta 42 has a property of strongly getting tangled up with each other in a dissolved state, and this leads to plugs that attach to nerve cells which destroy them, culminating in dementia.